Activism with Actions


We speak up for the things we truly believe in; for the things that move us to action without considering the repercussions. We sometimes can’t help it. We speak more clearly and without concern about political correctness. This is activism –being an activist for your personal cause.

Activists are typically viewed negatively because you see them as those who oppose your own view. Instead, we should see ourselves as activists for what we believe. The world needs more activists —  more people who aren’t satisfied just talking about their beliefs, but instead act on them to see change and make a difference – in their community and the world. My personal cause is clearly food security.

This week at the World Food Prize, and specifically the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) program, I experienced a “balcony moment” as multiple leaders spoke clearly and passionately about our common cause of food security. These leaders weren’t just engaging in a theoretical discussion. From a politician to a dietitian to a CEO – they were taking bold stands about not just what they believe in, but the actions they were taking. They’ve had ENOUGH talk and are stepping up with action. What you believe doesn’t matter if you don’t act on it.

Will you join us?

Speak up and sign up for the future of food security and make this part of your personal cause. Do this as a symbol of standing up for your passions and increasing activism in your life.

 Join the ENOUGH moment and use the resources on to have clear, powerful conversations about the realities of food security. Engage in the #FeedThe9 conversation online and in your community. You can affect change for a better tomorrow.

CHALLENGE: Move your beliefs to actions. Become an activist. Start with the ENOUGH movement. Visit to sign up and learn more.


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