There’s no question that our lives are busier than ever. That we’re more connected than ever. And that we’re continuously pulled from one direction to the next. How do we succeed in such a fast-paced, hectic world? Fanatic discipline. I believe fanatic discipline is the next generation’s greatest advantage.

Being disciplined and making time for moments of quiet among the distractions and noise is hard. Yesterday, I was on a plane where every passenger had access to WIFI and many were buried in their electronic devices. This morning, I was at a stop light where drivers on my left and right were on their phones. Fanatic discipline is our greatest advantage.

Many colleagues and coworkers heard Jim Collins speak this week at a conference in Indianapolis. He spoke about fanatic discipline and how those that exemplify it are non-conformists, consistent in action and disciplined in thought. In his book Great by Choice, Collins says to achieve consistent performance you must have “…the ambition to achieve and the self-control to hold back.”

If you haven’t read the book, read it. Chapter 3 is a great chapter. In it, Collins tells a story of the 20 mile march between two teams competing to be the first to the South Pole. In their pursuit, one team consistently hit performance markers over a long period of time. The other team did not.  Guess which team won? He also tells a story about Southwest Airlines and how despite a declining industry, the airline generated profit every year for 30 consecutive years.

Consistency and discipline overcomes mediocrity.

Challenge: Where in your life can you apply more consistency and discipline?


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