“Principal-based” Leadership

9-6-2013 9-09-49 AM

The month of August was full of tremendous headwinds. Unexpected events and situations within my community, church, personally and business that brought about direct or indirect change, volatility and even tragedy. I had the opportunity to observe individuals in the midst these crises and changes lead exceptionally or, to the other extreme, not. The common thread – whether exemplified or not – was principal-based leadership.

Principal-based leadership is a type of leader that galvanizes a following. I believe this type of leadership requires three ingredients:

Faith – your compass or beliefs.
Experiences – life to date and how you’ve managed.
Vision – your picture of the future and the determination to get there.

Principal-based leaders have faith, experience and vision deeply ingrained into the fabric of who they’ve become, which during times of crisis is intuitively exaggerated and leads to:

Simplicity and clarity: When the answers are not clear or nonexistent, the right direction can only come from the principals by which you believe.

Vulnerability: You cannot be afraid to be vulnerable or emotional about who you are and what you believe.

Stamina:  The strength needed to step out, speak up and press on.

Decisiveness: You make decisions with confidence. The last thing in your mind is being popular; it’s doing what’s right.

: What are your principals? How have you behaved in your time of crisis and change? What adjustments would you make?


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