My eight year-old son joined thousands of kids around the country this week in starting back to school. Last week, my mantra to my kids was about focusing and utilizing the “fresh start.” The night before school, my son told me, “I like the fresh start, Dad, but I just don’t like the start.” The rest of the evening I was thinking about how simply he stated one of the most difficult aspects of leadership – getting started.

The value of a fresh start may be immeasurable. It allows you a new perspective, a new lens, and usually a more optimistic view of a new job, new challenge, or a first day. That’s what makes a new start attractive. Yet, there are many things blocking us from this optimism. We often think of every hurdle in the book. Michael Hyatt is noted for commenting on this, “If you have intention, you will find the time.”

Sometimes in life, you just need to act. Though the need is great, you still might find yourself unable to jump in. Focus on the outcomes and the payoffs at the end. As you focus on these, the satisfaction and the win at the end will get you through the difficultly of the start.

As I reflected on my son’s comment, I realized his first day of school was much like my anxieties around structural change in the organization, understanding a new culture in a new business, or entering a new market with little experience. The initial reach out to begin the process can be scary, but knowing the bigger purpose – the why – can help you succeed.

CHALLENGE: What transformation or big project are you working on that needs to happen? You may need time planning, strategizing and analyzing for changes to come, but there comes a point you just have to get on the bus, and go.


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