Freedom to Lead

“Reading makes a full man, meditation a profound man, discourse a clear man.”– Benjamin Franklin

Last week we honored my country’s independence, a celebrated reminder of freedom in the US and the purposeful and courageous leadership of this country’s Founding Fathers. The 56 signatories of the Declaration of Independence were patriots, pledging their lives, fortunes and honor for the colonies. One of those patriots was Benjamin Franklin. He possessed three characteristics, among many, that enabled his courage and freedom to lead as a citizen, businessman, scientist, author and diplomat.

VISION: At a young age, Ben Franklin developed 13 virtues to guide his life. He wrote them down, focused on one per week, often failed, but through discipline became a man of purpose and great character.

HUMILITY: Franklin had many accomplishments and accolades, but always worked for the benefit of the cause – his 13th virtue. Cause first, self second.

LITERACY: With no formal education, Franklin looked to books to gain a depth of knowledge. He diversified his reading, focusing on a variety of topics that developed his well-rounded perspective.

Benjamin Franklin’s leadership paved the way for not only our country’s freedom, but the freedom for future leaders to think, act, speak and succeed.

YOUR CHALLENGE: Consider the following questions, document your answers and act:

  1. Do you understand the power of having the freedom to lead? It may be our best freedom.
  2.  How can you make a significant difference as an individual?
  3. Do you have a defined compass, your 13 virtues? Write them down.

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